What kinds of cranes are there

A crane is a machine that hoists heavy objects with hooks or other pick-up devices and performs cyclical operations such as lifting and moving in space. There are many classifications of cranes. The common names of “crane”, “tower crane”, “cable car” and “traveling” refer to one or several types of cranes.bridge crane for sale

What kinds of cranes are there

Some of the working characteristics of lifting equipment are intermittent movements, that is, the corresponding mechanisms for taking, moving, unloading, etc. in one working cycle are alternately working, and the development and use of cranes in the market is more and more extensive. Because there are some accidents that often occur without the hoisting of the legs and heavy lifting, the speed of driving is faster than that of the crawler crane (crawler crane); the operation is stable, the lifting capacity is large, and the walking can be carried out within a certain range, but the road must be flat and solid. The tire pressure meets the requirements and shall not exceed 50 CM from the ground; it is forbidden to carry long distances with load.

What kinds of cranes are there?

The hoisting machinery used in the bridge construction project can be divided into four categories: light and small lifting equipment, bridge type hoisting machinery and boom type cranes, and cable cranes according to their different structures and performances. Light and small lifting equipment such as: jack, pneumatic hoist, electric hoist, balance hoist (also known as balance hoist), winch and so on. Bridge type lifting equipment such as beam cranes. Boom type cranes such as fixed slewing cranes, tower cranes, truck cranes, tire cranes, crawler cranes, etc. Cable cranes such as elevators.

According to the nature of lifting: mobile cranes, tower cranes, mast cranes.

According to the driving method: one type is centralized driving, that is, one motor drives the long drive shaft to drive the active wheels on both sides; the other type is driven separately, that is, the active wheels on both sides are driven by one motor. Medium and small bridge cranes use the “three-in-one” drive method in which the brakes, reducer and electric motor are combined. The common bridge crane with large lifting weight is easy to install and adjust, and the drive unit often adopts universal joint. .light crane

According to the structure, the crane is mainly divided into light and small lifting equipment, bridge type (bridge type, gantry crane), boom type (self-propelled, tower type, door seat type, railway type, floating type, mast type crane). Cable type.

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