Safe operation and maintenance of the jib crane

The boom crane works very lightly. The crane consists of a column, a swivel arm swivel and an electric hoist. The lower end of the column is fixed to the concrete foundation by anchor bolts. The cycloidal pinion reduction device drives the jib rotation. The electric hoist is located on the spiral arm, and the I-beam runs on the left and right lines and lifts the heavy object.gantry crane manufacturers

The swing arm of the crane adopts hollow steel structure, which is light in weight, large in span, large in weight, economical and durable. The built-in jib crane MODE type travel mechanism adopts special engineering plastic roller, rolling bearing, small friction and light walking; the structure size is small, which is especially beneficial to improve the hook stroke.

Safe operation and maintenance of the jib crane

Safe operation of the jib crane:

When operating a jib crane, all national safety technical specifications concerning the use and operation of the crane should be observed. To ensure safety and to avoid damage to the equipment, please observe the following safety practices.

It is not allowed to use a jib crane to transport personnel.

It is not allowed to carry heavy loads above the personnel. Do not lean or drag the load.

Do not overload use.

Avoid lifting the hook and hitting the limit switch during normal operation.

Other important operating tips: The load spreader must be hung on the trolley with a flexible connection. Rigid connections create uncontrollable forces that ultimately lead to fatigue fracture.

When the load is heavy, the flashlight door is not allowed to be pulled. When the arm is manually rotated, the hook can only be pulled, and the flashlight and cable are not allowed to be pulled. The fasteners on the jib crane should be inspected and tightened once for 6 months.

Maintenance of the jib crane:

For safety and high-altitude operations, please specify the maintenance plan of the equipment according to the actual situation, and check it at least every six months or one year according to the following key points.port crane

  1. Bolted joints, bolted joints for anchor bolts, bolted joints with stop end caps. Bolt connection for the arm mounting and bolting for the mounting of the drive.
  2. The tight fit and wear of the pin connection on the hoist and trolley/bearing beam of the matching and wear parts. Slowing and wear of the trolley wheel, roller and cantilever support motion. Usually use lithium or calcium-based grease once after 6 months. Inspection of electrical equipment, including wear of cable slugs, damage to flat cables, etc.
  3. Wear of the stopper.
  4. Inspection and maintenance of electric hoist, inspection and maintenance of electric hoist should be carried out by designated personnel, and electric hoist, chain and travel drive should be inspected according to the corresponding use regulations.
  5. When the inspection finds that the damage exceeds the relevant specified value, the parts should be replaced.

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